La Sirène

La Sirène - Citray Sour

Finally, the second beer in a can from local farmhouse demigods La Sirène. Their previous farmhouse pale stands on its own for the combination of funky flavour and zesty refreshment. Citray Sour picks up there, retaining the dry freshness and adding a huge whack of fresh orange and a burst of bright acidity. Pours with a good old froth which quickly settles. The nose is strong orange zest, mandarin and citric acidity. Flavour is upfront sour, though restrained enough to entice a broad spectrum of drinkers. The orange comes through before everything settles on a really dry, cracker-like malt. We ride off into the orange sunset on a wave of beautiful acidity. This is not La Sirène’s most complex beer but it doesn’t need to be. It’s punchy, fresh and enduringly refreshing. Gosh it’s a shame this didn’t come out at the start of summer.

La Sirène - Biere de Cerise

Pours a bright, cherry red. Looks like tomato juice as it fades towards the edges. Opaque, plenty of free floating sediment. Nose is sour cherry, little bit of funk and a smooth, toasty note. The earthy cherry aroma is redolent of Pinot noir. Strong acidity (“bracing” is how the guys at La Sirène describe it), almost puckeringly sour. Reminiscent of some of Rodenbach’s aged cherry beers. The cherry is strong in this one, with extended time in oak lending a smoothness and complexly reminiscent of oaked wines. The flavour profile unfolds over time, with light touches of leather rubbing along the cherry. The beer is balanced. Is it as good as Foret Sauvage? Not sure but it’s bloody good. 



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